Azur is based in Marseille, France and committed to the sustainable creation of luxury garments.

Founded in 2019 by Lisa Favreau and Lisa Guedel-Dolle, Azur strives to create high quality and long lasting clothing and accessories that renew value to artistry, craftsmanship and traditions with an artistic and sentimental vision.
Our aesthetic choices are dictated by the materials, processes and techniques that correspond with our ideals of working ethically, environmentally, and locally.

We are always striving to improve our practices as we move forward to adopt ever more respectful production processes.


All of our garments are made from natural fibers, antique textiles, and luxury materials sourced in France. Textiles and buttons are naturally dyed in Belgium and France with plants using no chemicals during the process. We use tailor cotton interlining without glue. Our labels are made in Italy from recycled plastic bottles. We use supplies from French and Italian factories. Our packaging materials are made in France with recycled and recyclable materials. Each garment is sewed on-demand in Marseille, France in small quantities.


Modelist, prototypist, sewer — Pauline Dudon, Marseille (fr)
Sewer — Lauriane Blanc, Marseille (fr)
Dyer — Charlotte Marembert, Bruxelles (be)
Indigo dyer — Laëtitia Costechareyre, Aix-en-Provence (fr)
Pleaters — Claire Raphaël et Véronique Arbué, Marseille (fr)

Corrozo buttons— Crépin Petit, Bernaville (fr)
Cotton and silk threads — J. Toulemonde, Marcq-en-Baroeul (fr)
Cotton interlining — Lafayette Satchiel, Paris (fr)

Campaign shoot — Andreas Lumineau
Studio shoot, landscapes, bags still lifes — Pierre Girardin
Portrait — David Luraschi

Campaign models — Kadiata @EnjoyModelsAgency, Tristan Vidal
Studio models — Louise Gherardi @MyMotherAgency, Anouar Benabdallah

Logo — Thomas Petit
Typeface — Omnitype


Luke Archer, Juliette Azémar, Olivier Bemer, Léa Bigot, Marie-Renée Boussicot, Nathan Cheriki, Inès Dal Soglio, Vincent Desfonds-Dolle, Patricia Dollé, Frédéric Dollé, Lucia Dos Santos, Sarah Espeute, Adèle Favreau, Sylvie Favreau, Bernard Favreau, Hector Gachet, François Mark, Daphné Mookerjhee, Caroline Perdrix, Clemens Piontek, Maxime Prou, Blanche Robert, Baker Wardlaw.