We create all of our garments with natural high quality and long-lasting materials. Our garments are either naturally dyed, hand-pleated, or using antique fabrics, color variations and flaws are proof of authenticity and should not be seen as a defect.

Love your garment the way it is and the way it will evolve with you over time.

We include with each order a small bottle of Savon de Marseille soap we made, for the first wash of your Azur garment. For the next washings, always use natural soap. If you prefer using powder soap, please dissolve it fully before adding clothing to the wash cycle.

Each type of product requires special care.
By following these instructions you ensure that your Azur garment will last for a long time:


Plant dyed and antique fabrics must be turned inside-out and washed on cold with like colors. Drying on a hanger in the shade, out of direct sunlight and storing in a dark place are recommanded.
Do not spot clean.


Virgin wool must be turned inside-out and washed exclusively at 30° on a gentle spin or a «wool» programme. Wool should be dried flat. Drying on a washing line is not allowed for this type of fibre. To squeeze out any water from your clothing item before drying, roll it up in a towel and gently press.


Beewaxed cotton should be washed only when really needed. Do not wash with a spin cycle, do not tumble dry. The beewax coating may fade away after a few washes.
We can accomodate a re-waxe service on demand. Please contact us at


Pleated silk can not get wet, pleats may fade away in contact with water. Dry clean only.
We can accomodate a re-pleating service on demand. Please contact us at